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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Q&A Batch #16

This batch should be called "never heard of it"

Because I don't like my face

My biggest crush used to be Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, not sure now, Jessica Alba maybe, that transformers chick was hot

Only with it being crowded and finding places to put the wires

Not really because I don't meet much people in person or even online for that matter, crushes can be a pretty vague meaning though cause I still think plenty of women are hawt

I've never even heard of it, sounds cool

probably FF9

I have never even thought about that... I guess there could be a difference, it depends on the person

call cops, kill myself

Probably not, I was just testing and messing around that night

Maybe Outlaw Star, if done right Dragonball,

The shotgun one

Jackie chan cause he's Jackie Chan

More crap to work for, incentive

Awesome, glad to hear

I played with fans last night in minecraft, been trying to think of more ways to play with fans

I pretty much said what's needed to know, the brands are personal preference

Fav was NES/SNES days

something about loving rubberbands

of course

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