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Monday, April 23, 2012

Q&A Batch #13

I played almost the entire game on the 360, it's fun but got kind of boring

Captain Falcon was always my main, cept in Brawl which is Snake.

I will soon when it comes out on PC


Not really interested in them

You can ask whatever the crap you want, I just wont answer it if it's something that I don't want to answer

Thanks but you should do what your parents say, seriously.

I wasn't able to catch a lot of it because the room was a bit noisy (also it was a TV show) but it wasn't bad

Don't really have one honestly

You mean the STEAM fan group? It's late? maybe because of the time differences? I'm not sure, that sucks

Sailor Mars, I'd ask her to marry me... or let me touch her legs

All I'll say is thank you for having that be the only weird question you post

Probably pancakes though I love both

Looks cool

I haven't eaten either in forever but probably watermelons

Seriously? Seriously?!

It's adsense, google it

Needed a change and thought I had a better chance here


I'm not really a fan

Bc2 right now

You're the second person to ask that! That'd be too embarrassing =p def do NOT start with my routine, I have been working out consistently for about 10 years now, you'd need to start off with something easier, just look for youtube tutorials

It's pretty easy to tell, I can read people well for the most part

I love my fans, the REAL ones. My vids would be different if I didn't have any

Eh I'm fine, just lonely

Neither really, it's odd, I know but im not happy about living here yet I'm not necessarily sad and i don't regret doing it at all

What's my favorite girl? What does that even mean? That's like asking what kind of species of girl I like or something, there's only one... as far as I know =d

I've never played 7, Tate and I played DW online for a few days once.

When I was younger i'd get like that with Silent Hill, couldn't play it alone.

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