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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Q&A Batch #4

It's just fraps, outside of that I use Audacity

Kind of a long list there, I don't know if there's such a thing as luck really, you make your own. I don't believe in karma either, of course there's such a thing as talent, people can have better skills than others at things, that's called talent. I'm like 90 percent sure there's other beings in this universe, it's pretty naive to think we're the only living things in this ENDLESS universe. Big foot doesn't exist, if it did we'd have found out already, same with Lochness monster, I'm sure we've discovered pretty much every living species by now except for crap in the ocean. I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts or not, I'd need proof I guess. Don't really believe in magic in the abra kadabra sense, people can be capable of doing super human LIKE abilities all the time, I'm sure there's been at least a few government conspiracies in the long history of the world.

Don't worry about me =P Florida doesn't get hit hard with hurricanes, it's dead center in Florida

I don't THINK because youtube actually tells me in the analytics, here's the rundown:

13-17: 25.3% male 9% female
18-24: 16.2% male 3.1% female
25-34: 10.9% male 1.7% female
35-44: 10.4% male 3.5% female
45-54: 9.5% male 4.0 female
55-64: 3.0% male 0% female
65+ 2.2% male 0% female

overall gender% 77.7% male and 22.3% female.

22% female huh.. ware you at ;o

Biggest thing I look for in a girl is a connection, without a connection then nothing can even go from there. Another is similar interests, my first girlfriend wasn't a gamer and I'll try and avoid doing that again. Also no smoking or drinking. I like sweet and silly, caring and gentle, non agressive, can be spontaneus and random, doesn't swear like a sailor, has a quirky sense of humor like me, is just a nerd in general like me. Looks wise I'm not picky at all but my personal preference is long long hair, my fav is black, eye color doesn't really matter, I like dark eyes or blue or green, I'd like her to be shortish. Getting more shallower for the sake of voicing my preferences cause I mean come on, everyone has physical preferences no matter what, but I take care of my body and I'd want her to do the same, it's really not hard to do. I'm a huge leg man, I like nice legs almost as much as boobs.. and speaking of... big ol bouncy boobs teehheeeee, nah I don't like them that huge, large C or small D is my preference.

I have not.

Because he's consistently in the chat and he's a good guy, plus he's older

Have played all of them except the new remake


Yeah yeah, I still need to finish editing my COD4 playthrough, then I'll edit and ulpload mw2, then 3


NO (I adore her)

I dunno, that's an interesting idea to steam a pokemon game, maybe I will some day

Sadly I don't like RTS games much at all, the only one I ever played for real was Warcraft 2, that's it.

Maybe, I played the demo for the first one a million years ago and enjoyed it

A million factors are involved with that, it starts with how well fraps records the quality, what resolution you record it at, how much bitrate you export it as, what kind of effects you add IE sharpness. So yes, it's my computer which can record pretty dang well and yes I use adobe premiere pro 5.0, all top notch stuff at the moment.

I used to think I was good at goldeneye because I'd own all my friends but I wasn't really that good, I had a great time with Marvel VS capcom with friends but I've never played anything super competitively IE tournaments except for smash bros

I'd simply wish I could do anything possible, think of something and it'd happen, food appear, I'd fly, etc

I'm not sure, I may play it again in the future with Jonna and tate but it's most likely that it'll be borderlands 2 at this rate.

who hasn't?!


  1. Laugh Out Loud at the last question & answer.

    1. Well curiousness isn't a sin you know, but yea it was funny when I asked

  2. Sailor Mars too?!? -high fives-

    My favorite Sailor Scout <3