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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Q&A Batch #12

on cows

Of course I'll get 4! I think I like fallout a TINY bit more simply because of the dismemberment

Bruce Lee, legend

There's a million tutorials on youtube nowadays, just check it out


Mouse trap and I've never even played the game for real, just messed with the trap over and over

Heck no, my sense of humor is extremely immature

It's still there, look at my featured channels on my youtube profile

No real opinion on it, good for notch for becoming filthy rich

Depends where and what, they can be cool but I'm not a big fan of tattoos everywhere

Nope to both

You simply do, at least for me, I've never had problems knowing it.

I've never had any major surgeries, I'd be nervous too. Just know in this day and age there's very low risks of anything bad happening, you'll be asleep during the whole thing too.


I'm LDS, so there ya go

It's cool but it's usually very unbalanced, being evil in games is easy mode, I never go evil though because I do what I'd actually really do if I were in those situations

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