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Monday, April 30, 2012

Q&A Batch #19


I'm sure

I've been quite vocal at how much I dislike GT, it was a cash in to try to take advantage of the popularity of DBZ, GT was souless, the creator left the development because he wasn't happy at all with what they were doing, he pretty much had no word on it making the series completely non canon and plain retarded

No, show looks kind of lame honestly

Late for you, not that late for me. I'm tired of people complaining that I'm streaming at 2AM when I'm streaming at like 9 PM, I can't cater to every single time zone in the world, I aint no magician 


I do not care for sports games, racers would be the only ones I could get into

Same boring nothing as always

It's a currency known as dollars

I'd cry too much

I didn't count, it was too many

Shrug, never saw the show, doubt it

Counter strike was the first online game I ever played, played it at a LAN center, I couldn't believe how amazing it was at the time, since then I haven't ever played it again

When I streamed it my internet connection was terrible so the footage quality is just bad, the footage is gone by now


I upload the answers in bulks of 30 or so per batch, I have like 950 answered questions so far, so it will take a while to catch up to whatever questions you may have asked, you can always go to formspring and see all of the answers immediately 

I play whenever I feel like it, just keep an eye on my twitter or blog

There's a crap rating? cool

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