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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Q&A Batch #5

I really couldn't say a specific favorite for a movie. check my facebook likes and that'd give you a good idea, I already answered what genres I like

press Z or R twice

Mostly hispanic but I'm a big ol mix really

Answered the first one, played them all, Halo 4 looks interesting

sparta etc

The best rewards are ones you work for

The very last one? the troll face one? I honestly didn't care for it much, the one before that was awesome though.

Adobe Premiere Pro 5.0, it's expensive, too expensive

We never finished it, saddens me.


I went to a few state ones, nothing really grand, I'd get my butt kicked at those ones.

I'm not too good at that unfortunately, I usually just lay in bed until I get hungry or something, sometimes I'll force myself up to do something and it gets a bit better, you pretty much just have to force yourself to do something.

not one bit

My elbow would itch


Be sad?

I don't browse Reddit, i've gone there a few times but it's a big mess of crap and I just lost interest, I want to stream demons souls asap but I need a tv with component inputs.

RE3 is def my fav, running from nemesis was the biggest adrenaline rush in the world, I'd scream like a girl, my fav character is probably Leon, cliche I know since he's everyones fav but there's a reason he is! he's just cool

I love those guys, I've seen a lot of their stuff

I'd add dismemberment ala L4D2, ohh the satisfaction with every kill would be palpable

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