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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Streaming console games

So I've really REALLY been wanting to stream some console games (At the moment demons souls). I bought a 190 dollar capture card some time ago so I could stream console games but the stupid thing has literally a 5 second delay. I'd need a separate TV to play on for the "Pass through" port so that I can play the game in real time, another issue that that causes is that my mic audio will be five seconds delayed from the actual gameplay you'd see on the stream.

This whole thing has been really hair pulling for me, Back in the day I'd bought a DAZZLE capture device which is USB and the delay on that was like 1 second, how can a PCI-E card have more delay than that?

So as of now I need a TV if I'm to be able to stream console games, there's so many I'd love to stream too.

On the plus side Dark Souls is coming to the PC! I'm freaking pumped for that, so glad it's getting a port.


  1. You have the Intensity Pro? It's the same price ,the 5 second delay and the PCI-E slot.
    I have that one so you will have to get a second monitor or TV but what console? If you use PS3 you will have to use the component cables since the HDMI has copyright protected. Xbox 360 can just be used with HDMI.


      Maybe this could help you :)

    2. I have a Hauppage capture card =( I'll be bookmarking that link though, thanks.

    3. Ahh... The Hauppage, also a very good card :)

      Also to clarify and prevent certain trolls. It's PS3 since Demon Souls is PS3 exclusive. I have it myself so that's how I found out

  2. Dark Souls and it's predecessor are fantastic games, I spent hundreds of hours on them & have their Platinum trophies. I really think you'll love it when it reaches PC, very skill-intensive combat. :)

  3. Sorry to burst the bubble but PC Dark Souls port is still a rumor. But I'd love if it makes to the PC. :P

  4. The card might be damaged, maybe you could ask the place where you bought it and replace it or something

  5. It is not damaged, they have all have the delay

  6. Why not try recording your audio on your comp while playing, and record using the Dazzle? Then throw the audio and video into one and match the voice with the game play. It may be a lot of edit work, but you can always try it.

  7. Hope you had a happy Easter, Austin.
    Keep the laughs coming.