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Monday, April 16, 2012

Q&A Batch #6

We'd all die in a day.


I haven't been to many but yes I do

I want to honestly but I need more learning experience.

I have no idea, I've always made people laugh when I rage though, guess it's comical.

Cali rolls are def my fav

LOL... no it wouldn't, that'd be just embarrassing, I will if I get enough ladies requesting it ;o

They're both pretty cool but I like L4D more.

No =P someone else can take on that noble role

I played it quite a bit years ago, it was my first MMO so I was pretty blown away, I played solo up to level 67ish, I get bored with it if I try to play it now sadly, probably would be a blast with a group of friends.

It wouldn't ever merge

It's scummy as frick, I've lost a TON of respect for capcom because of it, dirty dirty tactics.

I do, it's pretty cool to see, glad I inspire some people.

I'd like to get married some day but my luck with love never seems to work out well at all so who knows if I ever will, I'm not really sure if I want kids either, I'm leaning towards not.

I think there should be more women

I have no real opinion, it's just a goofy random wtf moment that I love

I'll say Niko because he's the only GTA character I actually like

All three! And always make sure to share the load

Of course, I watched Red Vs Blue when they very first started, I stopped watching after Halo 2 came out though

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