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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Q&A Batch #15

Only the original 150

Japan, then China

I doubt it'll even be made

I'm the middle child of 5

I want to play the newest one, the hack n slash one, I loved the demo

I can't tell you how to live your life dude, you have to make the decision (though I suggest college)

not goku? then I'd have to pick Bulma, 34 C =d

it's seriously embarrassing sometimes when I see some of the expressions I make so I really try to avoid doing it =/

It's not a coolermaster, it's an AZZA, cheaper but it's still a great tower

I didn't even know MW3 had a survival mode

boob monster

That is beyond me

I love the game, love it, I cry every time I think how awesome a PC version would be

I'm not familiar with other youtubers to be honest, don't keep track or keep up with anyone, I don't care for competitive play on such serious levels

what the royal piss are you on about

I think it was a teen girl squad video of them saying SOOOO GOOOOD

A little


I don't, I want to start my own server soon though

since you have to watch to make, watch

Most likely

Why da crap would I play the 360 version of it? I have the PC version which I'm currently replaying because of the enhanced edition free for owners, I don't know about streaming it because of all the sex scenes

Wolverine, Batman, Onslaught, Lobo

not at all because I've played all the top ones and am not interested in others

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