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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Q&A Batch #17

meh, don't know

I think it's called FEAR, I got it ages ago from some amateur composer

I have no idea, never gave it thought

Smash Bros

It was pretty enjoyable, getting out is always a plus, actually hanging out with people is even better

I don't have a life dude


Have you ever heard of Ao oni? You should play it one day!

I'd love to learn to play the guitar

Sure, there's plenty of them like that

I've never met a fan in real life, i'm not as popular as some people may think

I've listed my fav animes all over the place, from youtube to my facebook

She is ONE of my best friends

I think that that would be obvious, fans are amazing, great and I love them but close friends are like family

Someone asked this already but I'll say it again, please don't upload my livestreams, you can download them and have them for yourself if you want but I use majority of the footage from my livestreams a lot of the time so it would be like stealing my content.

Wow no I haven't, I just checked a video out, what a colorful looking game, looks interesting

I've heard good things about it actually but I've never played it

I think about 30-40 average but I haven't been doing it long, I'm sure it'll get lower as time goes on

I have, I never beat it despite it being a great game, so I never played the sequels

I have nothing really against them as long as they don't annoy me, Boatsniper from my blog worded it very well: It's not the show. It's the people who shove it in everyone's face. That gives the whole idea a bad first impression for people who don't watch it.

Competent people do not want that crap anywhere.

my response was "lol"


Pumpkin Pie

I work out daily now, but you def need to start off slow, 3 times a week at first, then after months and months every other day, I don't really diet but I don't pig out, I just make sure not to eat tons and DO NOT eat late at night, bad bad bad

Who hasn't heard of that?! I've never been interested in it to be honest

I'd expand Chrono Trigger, I've played nearly all the zeldas except the newer ones, epic games

I curse more than people think, I'm never proud of it when I do it and I try to avoid doing it

Jonna has a bf bro =P

Don't buy Alienware, they're overpriced, they may be capable machines but you could build a PC for half of what they cost.

For some reason it pastes the questions in caps on my blog, I have no idea why


  1. Replies
    1. I DUN TOLD YOU, I work out, I require more food =[

  2. Thanks for quoting me. I was quite surprised when I saw my username.

    Yeah. Don't shove it in people's faces. No one likes it, and it doesn't do you any good.