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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Q&A Batch #7

Probably salad with tons of yummy stuff in it like ham and pepperonis, jalapenos, all kinds of meats, olives pickles croutons cheese and IM HUNGRY

I do occasionally when I'm bored

I pick the ones that are real questions and not comments and ones that haven't been asked and answered before

You should move here, I have a spare room and all ;o

also pics

All my youtube account was for at the start was to fav vids, then it went to me sharing vids with friends, then it got other viewers etc etc

I've seen pretty much all the old toonami stuff, I recorded it all on VHS too, I was hardcore, I love Tenchi Muyo and universe, tokyo is dumb though, I also love GXP

I loved them both to death, I love GTA games, I've loved them since the very first one on the PC, played them all for hundreds of hours each.


I'd like to know that myself, working on it.

Probably the freaking Batman one, my gosh that was insane.

I love the madness series, I watched them back on newgrounds years ago and kept up with every episode as they came out.

I have not.

only on Columbus day

Yeah I wouldn't mind playing it again honestly

twitch Tv also has a device like procaster BUT it only does desktop mode, it doesn't have a game mode yet, desktop mode generally makes games run a lot slower so that's why I haven't given it a shot yet.

I went to the beach a few weeks ago and it was the first time I legitimately got to show my body off, I noticed a few girls turning their heads which was flattering. I've taken a few goofy pics and showed them to fans before like this

I don't know what stream you mean, I have a blast with Punchout if that's what you're talking about

I wouldn't mind diving into them, I liked the demo I played a million years ago.

I have, I'm sure I will more soon enough

one couch cushion

I have no idea honestly, I always forget dreams and then will suddenly remember them years later and forget about them again so nothing comes to mind right now, all I can really think of is one time I dreamt I told my cousin off, he made a face and started making these high pitched yelling and gagging noises, I woke up and the cat was puking and making those noises, was sleeping out on the trampoline.

People who think they're better than others, the arrogant, whispering, people making fun of others.. I could list a million things if I sat here and thought about it long enough

It's coming up on 3AM right now, it's awesome knowing people all over the world watch my vids, very awesome.

Demons soul, yakuza series


  1. >People who think they're better than others, the arrogant, whispering, people making fun of others.. I could list a million things if I sat here and thought about it long enough
    That comment seems to make it all come full circle when you told the guy who liked MLP to die. I'm one of what I assume to be many Bronies who had already followed you since L4D1, and having heard you express your loneliness so many times, I had come to think you'd be the kind who ought to enjoy the show the most. Don't complain about shows you don't watch the same way you wouldn't complain about games you don't play.

    1. It's not the show. It's the people who shove it in everyone's face. That gives the whole idea a bad first impression for people who don't watch it.

      Competent people do not want that crap anywhere.

    2. I suppose the proliferation of it has managed to bother people, but that is sort of to be expected. Still, that's no reason for him to insult a large portion of his own fanbase, including myself, without offering any sort of intelligent explanation. Yes, we have our loud crazies. We're like any other fandom, we're just bigger and more difficult to unconsciously avoid.

    3. Yeah, you're frickin' everywhere, and I'm dead sick of it. I can't go to any Youtube video, any forum, any goddamn place on the Internet without seeing a mother FUCKING pony somewhere.

  2. Just to clarify my "die" statement was in total jest and Boatsniper summed it up quite well

    1. Mad respect to the fact that you're not a Brony. My opinion of Gabe Newell took a nosedive when I learned he was one.

    2. Yes, yes, but you should have said this earlier. Also, umad Anthony?