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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Q&A Batch #1

AIEEEE I was greeted with over 100 questions today, let's get the first batch out for today

Austin, when did you start getting an interest in video games?
At the tender age of 3 or 4 we owned a console called the Intellivision, the earliest memory I have and first game I can ever recall playing is called KONGO BONGO. At around 4 or 5 we got the NES and that became a major part of my life that continues to this day. You can see all of the NES games I've played here

Will you ever finish Terraria or Minecraft in...say the next 2 months or 3?
Heck no, finish? Those games pretty much last forever.

If you could design a game, how it would be?
It would probably have something to do with swords and cutting people up, speaking of which, I am extremely excited about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it's pretty much what I've always wanted to do in a game

hey kilplix! my question is how did you and tate actually meet?
He made the Kilplix Comments videos and it led up to me being in one of the videos and that's pretty much how it started.

Which game of 2011 are you most satisfied with getting?
Good question! I'm really bad at choosing one thing out of favs, hmm.. most satisfied? I guess I'd say Skyrim, I absolutely love elder scrolls games and Skyrim did NOT dissapoint. Originally I wanted to wait a long time after it came out so that a lot of mods could be made for it but I couldn't wait and caved, great game, I'll play it again someday and mod the crap out of it.

Hey Kilplix i want to ask how do you keep playing scary/shocking games and get scared but still keep on going? I want to know because when i try to play Cry of Fear i... well crap my pants. :(
I love the adrenaline rush it gives you, heart pounding and breathing hard, knowing something is going to happen but not sure when or what, love it! When I was younger I literally got myself ill playing DOOM on the SNES, got the game for my birthday and would end up puking my guts out all night because of the stress and intensity the game gave me, oh and I'm sure the horrible frame rate and game movements had something to do with it too.

How are you and Tate doing in Florida?
Tate isn't here, just me. I'm fine albeit quite lonely.

Do you like horror movies?
Rarely will I like a horror movie, I usually see whatever catches my interest but they always end up being lame, scary movies are usually crappy anymore.

Do you draw a lot?
Hardly at all anymore, when I was younger, 16-18 I would draw every waking hour of my life, I had a comic I drew in since 5th grade, I had/have a humongous binder of my drawings (they're back home in Utah though). I'd love love love to draw more but I really lack motivation and drive to do it anymore, it depresses me but what can you do? Whenever I try to draw I get discouraged at how much I suck now and just quit.

I'm wondering if you have any advice on what thing i need to focus on when trying to be a u-tube up louder because im soon going to try and do what you do im just wondering what i might need to focus on first. (p.s keep doing what you do) MATALLA MAN
Freddiew puts it best: Don't concentrate on getting viewers, just do what you love, keep doing it and you'll get better and better at it, try and be original. OR in my own words you could just spam reddit memes and troll faces all over and you'll get billions of views instantly since that's the retard way of doing videos anymore (I'm joking about that last part)

Is there anything that you would like to add in minecraft and what would it be?
asked by Zacky211

A huge epic story with cut scenes, tons of villages and dungeons, items and weapons to buy and sell and find with a twist of harvest moon elements, marrying one of the NPC's having a kid and raising the kid, the towns would have events and holidays you could go to and do competitions and mini games etc. I would love that and I know it'll never happen =(

Have you ever had a girlfriend?
Three total, one only lasted a few months so I really don't count that for the most part.

what are your thoughts on the LEft 4 Dead comic book: The Sacrifice?
The covers were freaking awesome but the actual art in the panels were lacking, I liked the stories a lot though.

Have you seen the trailers for Resident Evil 6 yet, and if so do you plan on getting it?
Oh I'm sure I'll be getting it, hopefully will be playing it with Tate, I really don't like the direction that the game is going in though.

If you could change three things in this world, what would they be?
If it could be anything at all? The number one thing I'd change is myself. I'd also change the way people view friendships/relationships since this generation has become a shallow fleeting mess with no heart or soul. And I know it's cliche but thirdly I'd change it so that the innocent doesn't suffer/starve, it upsets me greatly when I see innocent people having stuff happen to them that they don't deserve.

What was you're first game u ever played?
I already just answered it buuut it was Kongo Bongo on the intellivision.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
1.21 gigamegakilobytesbots mach 3

Is Harley (Tate) still planning on moving in with you? If so, when?
I honestly don't know if he is planning to anymore.

Do you ever play Team Fortress 2?
I don't care for the game much, nothing against the game but I'm not a huge fan of death match type games except I'm enjoying BlackLight Retribution for some reason.

How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

Do you have any advice about making friends?
Just be yourself, I can't stress that enough, never fake who you are for others. Find people with similar interests or people you can connect with on deeper levels.

Which console specific games are you looking forward to playing?
Dragons Dogma, Sleeping Dogs (LOL DOGS) and I'm really wanting to stream me playing Demons Soul and Yakuza 3, just need a TV.

what games do you like the most?
Fast paced action games that require reflexes and skill, whether it be 3rd person ala Ninja Gaiden or a first person shooter to whatever else like punchout. Also deep immersive RPGs or sandbox games.

What made you use paint on the picture? (The Profile Picture)
Dis =d

I get it that you don't like the new BF3 patch. I stopped playing it since then, cuz it just got to retarded.
Not really a question there but yes, the new patch has made me lose all interest in the game pretty much at this point until they fix it, from heat seeking missiles not working to the air vehicles all messed up to Tanks blowing up if you sneeze on them, they just really dropped the ball on a lot of things with that patch, also the suppression crap is ridiculous

How is Florida? :D
Pretty lonely!

have you ever been to a live concert for a band? and what was the band?
The only live concert I've ever been to in my life was Weird Al and that was last year in 2011 lololol. If I had more friends I'd be going to a lot of shows here in Florida because there are so many that interest me here, video game bands and what not.

how tall are you?
I am 5'9

what is your favorite weapon? ( like video game, anime, tv show movie etc.)
I guess the good ol fashioned sword.

do you watch the anime bleach?
I watched it up to SAVING RUKIA or whatever her name was in the spirit world.. or whatever it was, so I didn't watch much, I liked it a lot but it got worse than DBZ with dragging on.

what is your favorite restaurant and food you like to eat?
asked by Elitepredat0r

Good question.. I'm not sure! Hispanic food or seafood most likely.

Whats your opinion on the Star wars series: do you like the originals or the prequels more or do you think their all good?
The originals are obviously far superior, I enjoyed the the new ones enough but they had a lot of retarded crap in them that just prevented them from becoming anywhere as good as the originals.

where you work?
My work is all internet oriented, I do transcription work for a company that records depositions, pretty much people suing people and lawyer nonsense, also I make money from my youtube partnership.

Do you miss your family and home alot in Utah?
I miss them yeah but not unbearably so, otherwise I'd run back home.

What was it that made you want to start recording your moments in games?
I found out about fraps and just started recording BF2 moments and sharing them with friends, it just went from there pretty much.

Do you like stealth based games? If so, what's your favorite?
I have to be in a mood to like that genre, except MGS games, those are always epic games. I really enjoyed the old splinter cell games back in the day.

what happend to your pet lizerd soby? is he still alive or dead?
Sobe is alive and well, and a pig.

what's your favorite movie genre?
hummm... fantasy/sci-fi/adventure I guess?

how did you find livestream and how did it work out for you? you know to see your fans and all
To see my fans? confused about that part, I found livestream because I found out about procaster, I think Tate told me about it.

did you stream minecraft
Tate used to stream us playing it because my net sucked then, I have streamed us playing it last year, we streamed that crap for days on end.

what are your PC's specs?
Right now, my MAIN specs are:
I7 quadcore 3.0 ghz OC'd to 3.9 GHz
560 TI OC'd version
8 gigs of ram
24 inch LED monitor.
I also have 2 1 TB HDD's, 1 external 1 TB HDD and another external 2 TB HDD, videos take up A LOT of memory

when are you gonna upload dead island parts
I'm not, though I have a lot of gore footage I kept around

how come tate cant move in with you?
Not sure, money issues I guess.

Are you looking forward to having tate as a roommate?
asked by eramaker

I was, yes. Again, not sure if he's moving here now.

What other hobbys you have besides games Austin?
good question... I work out regularly, video editing, typing in my story, anime, manga, video game music is a big passion of mine, music in general, youtube poops, awesome nico video stuff (Japanese youtube) if I had more friends I'd like to get out more, go to the beach, swimming, bowling, pool, movies, concerts

Dear Austin. What's your favorite food and drink. If not that. What's your favorite thing to do except for gaming?
answered the food thing, mexican or seafood, drink is Sobe. Favorite thing to do except gaming huh? Hmm.. I'd say just spending time with close friends.

Dear Austin. What cars have you Owned and what car do you drive now? :)
I've owned one car which I still do, it's an 87 Honda Acura Legend

If you could go back in tine and give a piece of advice or a warning to your younger self, what would it be?
The only advice I'd give myself is to stay strong, don't give up, don't get discouraged and to push forward. I wouldn't want to warn myself about something that will happen or how to avoid this or that because if I hadn't experienced what I have then I wouldn't be able to learn and grow from it.

will you do anymore left 4 dead custom campaign maps and if so will it become your main thing again? Bradley Mason - Age 17 gomatego
I played L4D for what.. 3 years? People need to understand that games come and go, I'm pretty much done with those games, if a group of friends was wanting to play some more for kicks I'd most likely reinstall it and join in.

I'm moving across the country not dissimilar to how you I know you did. I'm not super worried about socializing, but I am curious as to if you have any tips about what to expect and how best to deal with getting into the new groove of things, as it were.
What I've learned is that you'll adapt, it's human nature, even if things are utter crap you'll adapt to it. My biggest advice is to keep in contact with friends or loved ones as much as possible, share your experience and goings on with them through out.

Why dont you, Tate, and Jonna start reviewing L4D custom maps?
cause life

what games are you buying this year?
off the top of my head what I can think of is:
Max Payne 3
Dragons Dogma (maybe)
Sleeping dogs (maybe)
Bioshock infinite
Prototype 2 (maybe)
Sniper Elite V2 (Maybe)
Diablo 3
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Maybe)
Darksiders II
The Last Story
Farcry 3
Borderlands 2
Resident Evil 6
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Halo 4

How bout them mudkipz?
so good

Hm. Well. So many questions to ask. I'll start with something like this, what's one of your favorite songs? And if possible, what's one of your favorite games to play?
asked by SirWannabe

My fav songs are listed regularly on my blog and I already answered the second question but I'll go on to say I love love going back to play old NES/SNES games

Any chance on going back to playing some of the newer L4D and L4D2 custom maps? Also, on the chance that L4D3 is announced, would you be interested in going back to that as well or are you just burned out on the series?
I'd play the sequel for sure, already answered the other stuff

Are you going to get one of the GTX 600 Series GPUs once the rest are released?
I'm sure I will eventually when they aren't a million dollars

Austin, when you are really bored and feeling a bit down, what do you do to make it better?
I usually just lay down in bed lol.. other than that I'll watch a movie or show, edit videos or listen to music.

Do you still play with Jed and Cody? Last time I remember seeing one of them was your Resident Evil playthrough with Jed. I'm not asking about Con since you explained that already.
As of now everyone has pretty much gone their separate ways, I don't even know what happened, there was no real explanation given to me.

Hey Austin have been wondering for a while about your game rig. What kinda computer do you use? I figure its custom to some extent. Ant technical info would be helpful cuz I am looking at building a new setup.
I told my specs in an earlier answer but yes I built the whole thing myself, bought all the parts mostly from newegg, some from amazon.

Do you like Transformers? Not talking about the recent films, but the CLASSIC G1 Transformers. If so, who is your favorite giant robot? :)
For some reason being a kid around that era with Transformers I never really watched the show or anything, I was mostly all into TMNT

With the new kill cams in the skyrim 1.5 patch i bet you look forward to trying them out when you play again, right?
asked by Elitepredat0r

I'll play Skyrim again eventually, by that time there'll be tons of awesome mods to use

I know it's not a question but I just thought I'd say that I think it's great how you are taking the time to sit down and answer these questions. I can imagine how quickly your inbox is filling up. I hope you're having a nice day so far. =)
asked by SutekiMalik

Thank you! You have a good day too, and everyone else for that matter.

Will you ever consider doing a playthrough of a Silent Hill gamee?
I've considered it a lot of times, Most likely I'll play through the original three through emulators, that way I can stream them.

Ever considered making a tumblr account?
I have considered it but my blog has become too settled in to change it, I think I'm stuck with blogspot.

Who inspires you?
James Rolf really inspires me, he's the angry video game nerd, I love that guy! My grandpa has inspired me a lot, he's truly an epic man, my dad has as well, my friends have too, ALSO JACKIE CHAN =DDDD.

Do you regret moving to Florida?
Not one single bit, no. I made the choice, I made the commitment and I came here with purpose, with drive and with fire in my eyes. I am very proud of myself for doing it, even if I am a bit miserable here =P but things will pass in time.

what is your favorite game and why
I said what but not why, fav games are fast paced action reflex type games because I love a challenge, nothing is more satisfying than beating that boss you worked all day to beat.

Have you played/beaten Dark Souls? If not, that would be awesome to watch you stream it once you get console streaming working, or when it releases on PC.
I will DEF DEF be streaming that game when it's out on PC, they just need to announce it already!

Would you if you got the chance do a huge meet up with fans?
That would be pretty awesome, I'd totally do it if the right place and circumstances were possible.

What is your favorite video game of all time?
Chrono Trigger

Hey Austin, what are some pros and/or cons to the move to Florida?
Pros: having my own bathroom, my own kitchen, independence.
Cons: lonely as ballz

how did you find youtube
that's kind of a silly question, that's like asking how did you find out about TV =P

What's the nicest thing a follower has said to you?
I don't think I could name one single thing, there have been countless nice things said to me, the care and compassion some of you show has truly changed me for the better and I can't thank you enough.

Will you let fans play with you again like you did when you played BF3?
Sure, depends on the game though

what is your view on marijuana?
I have a bit of an unworldly hate towards drugs and alcohol in general because of my life growing up. So to answer your question: I think drugs and alcohol are for people who can't handle life on their own or are immature and are thinking they're so ADULT because they're doing it. Drugs and alcohol has never, ever in my life lead to anything good, quite the contrary, it has lead to nothing but death, arrests, destroyed friendships, relationships, permanent mental damage, insecurities, I could go on and on. And just to be clear I don't go around preaching about it, I have friends who drink and I'm completely fine with them, I don't think it makes them bad people AT ALL, it just saddens me and makes me worry A LOT for them.

What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? Would you ever have one?
I have had them, they're hard as heck to handle. The thing is is that every person is different, some are fine with it, others aren't, just depends.

Are there certain video games you refuse to play?
I wouldn't say outright refuse but I don't care for sports games or puzzle based games, I LIKE playing bad games just for the kicks, like barbies adventure or some crap.

Wats the scariest game youve EVER played?
Amnesia, no competition whatsoever.

boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs?
Boxer-briefs master race

Wat systems do you have?
I don't want to go on a big ol list but I've owned nearly every system worth owning since the 80's except for the Sega Genesis and PSP, I'll get a 3DS and Vita eventually

What is the thing you love the most when it comes to your fans? Also what car did you drive all the way down to Florida?
What I love most about my fans is making them laugh and happy and the awesome comments and encouragement they give. Already answered the car question, my Honda Acura Legend

What was your favourite dragon ball z saga and why?.
My fav saga is the Buu saga, most people hate it but I freaking had the biggest blast when I first read the manga a billion years ago, I loved Gohan trying to fit in, I loved the whole thing about them all trying to fit in and then getting such recognition for fighting Buu off and crap (even though everyones memory gets erased in the end) I love how Vegeta finally admits Goku is the best, I just love that whole dang saga so much, epic story and fights and gahhh nerd gasm.

What do you think of Youtube's new channel layout? It would be alright if we had the option to switch back to the classic template, but now we don't. It's forced onto us, and now all channels look uniform and boring. They say they want us to fully express
I absolutely hate the new design, it's retarded and whoever made it is retarded, and forcing it on us is beyond retarded.

Have you been to college or at least thought about it?
Oh I've thought about it many of times, never have been though

When does living with your parents stop being acceptable and starts to become something embarrassing?
That all depends on you, my brother is like 35 and he's fine living at home, in fact he helps them out a lot with money, I was never embarrassed, you just have to make the decision yourself.

whats your favourite game at the moment you've been playing?
At the moment it's def Blacklight Retribution, free to play FPS game with tons of customization, I'm digging it a lot.

So how is it being out on your own? Is it difficult? Any advice for others on how to start their own life away from home?
It's hard, I'll say that much. Having friends or someone close would make all the difference in the world here, so if you do move away make friends asap.

Have you ever thought about a career in Game Design or anything like that?
Nah, I'd get sick of games if I did that OR simply not have the time to play games, I prefer playing them.

I put food in your mouth while feeding your fish on you blog. I'm sorry.
It's k, I like sushi

Why do you have "How can she slap" written backwards on your blog?

Do you like games where creation and imagination are key plots? (Not Mincraft) Games such as RPG Maker games. Or games like Spore or Sim games etc.? Or do you just like FPS or RPG games with a predetermined course and objective?
I get SUPER addicted to Sims games, FYI i'm dling Sims 3 right now >=D

Do you have any friends that started out as fans, or are you wary that people just try and befriend you because you are well known?
I think all of my current friends started out as fans honestly, but yes, I am wary about befriending them for obvious reasons.

Why do you load up your last save, whenever you get hit on Afraid of monsters?. Is it because health packs are really that scarce?.
Yes, it's hard mode, one hit can mean the difference between game over and restarting the whole game

Do you have your eye on a special lady at the moment?
I'm just trying to concentrate on myself right now, I'm not really in a position to selfishly try and woo someone at the moment. Though girls are more than welcome to try and woo me =DDDDDDdd

Will you ever upload your old FEAR videos as a Kilplix Plays videos?
I uploaded the highlights, I don't see a need to upload anything else

is that your real voice?
no, I have an autotune voice box implant

When can we expect the Cry of Fear gameplay shown in one of your freakout montages? Is it gonna be after you upload all the Afraid of Monsters gameplay?
Yep, after Afraid of Monsters I'll upload the Cry of Fear playthoughs

Kilplix, Will You Be Playing More Amnesia Or No?
I played the game already and custom stories, the game has zero replay ability, I'd have to wait years to replay the game again to forget everything, otherwise it'd be boring.

Do you enjoy writing your story?
When I can get creative and in the zone it's one of my favorite things in the world to do, it's just insanely hard to get into that zone, it sucks.

If you could play one video game for the rest of your life, and never get bored of/from it, what game would that be?
I don't think you could play any game for the rest of your life and NOT get bored of it, you simply would get bored of it. I'd choose some game that's ridiculously big, maybe a sims game.

What is/was your dream job?
I pretty much have it, play games and have a fanbase and get paid for it, I am very very grateful for it.

what was your dream job when you were young example : chef, etc
When I was younger I'd say MECHANIC because I loved cars and trucks and stuff, what a retard I was!

How is life going? Honestly. You were pretty down a while back and I haven't read anything new about that since.
Life is steadily getting better emotionally but I remain quite lonely, I've been going to places and stuff to meet new people but nothing has come from it yet, I find myself being very distant with people anymore, I guess I'm just afraid of opening up to them because of past experiences.

Maybe I'll try and woo you ='D
bring it on!


  1. A new game? Ok, a very unknown game: Singularity. It's a scary game with multiplayer. The monsters you meet in singleplayer are playable in multiplayer. And the soldiers. It's made in 2010 so it's really cheap right now. But i don't think you should buy it since the multiplayer is practically dead. So downloading would be better.

  2. THanks for feed back Austin i personally like all the Star wars movies =)

  3. What's retarded about liking cars and trucks, or wanting to be a mechanic? >:(

  4. I think you'll need this in the long run's_hierarchy_of_needs

  5. If you could change three things in this world, what would they be? This was my question, and I agree with your answer completely. But, if it's not a problem, what exactly would you like to change in yourself?

  6. I'm pretty upset the questing about Jed and Cody. You didn't know what happen to them?...When is the last time you talk to them.