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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q&A Batch #9

Never been to any and who knows, maybe in the future


I just don't like swearing really, I do swear when I get super pissed at things but I try to avoid it for the most part.

No, I don't see why I would

We've talked a few times, I like some of his stuff

I don't even know when that is, guess today? sure, I guess.


This is not a question but I am giddy

Good question, I honestly don't think I have one, they're all freaking great

I don't really have a specific fav, I like green red and blue

Humid =P

It's understandable, BC2 feels better in terms of weapon handling and stuff, if they fixed the crap BF3 wouldn't suck like it does lately.

Probably when I die

Haha yes, I watched it a bit back in the day, I only stuck around for the ending when Jackie Chan would make an appearance and say stuff or do stuff

I played it the other day with Tate, I'll probably start playing it more until BF3 gets fixed

I'd have to do that anonymously because people would start spamming me with their servers

It's Adobe Premiere Pro 5.0

Yes, I played that when it was still new, played multiplayer with a friend, had an absolute blast with it.

wat, I might stream some more of it, it's just so boring to me

I actually went to one a few months ago but it was mostly to try to make new friends (didn't make any) I got my butt kicked because I hadn't played the game in over a year.

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