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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Q&A Batch #2

did you already bought MW3
Boughted and playeded

Do you know of a anime and manga guy called Leji Matsumoto? If so, what do you like about his works?
I love his art style so much, he also did Interstella 555 which is instant win

Mr. Austin, have you ever got asked for an autograph in real life after becoming famous on Youtube. If I ever saw you in real life, I would ask and I think others would too. A_Dubstep_Monkey
The only time I've been asked for my autograph was long before youtube, it was when I was kicking butt at a store with weekly smash bros melee tournaments, it got pretty crazy. I'd walk into the store and I'd hear "There he is omg" and one kid asked for my autograph, I told him to get a real role model lolol

are you going to get halo 4 and any of the following trilogy that 343 games plans to create
I'm sure I will.

do you like the turn resident evil has taken or would you prefer the older scary versions?
I like the gameplay but I think they shouldn't have slapped the RE franchise with it, I miss the old scarier versions a lot.

Thank you kilplix, was reading you response about drugs and i was onmy way to a party to smoke some for the first time and your response made me relize what i was doing and i just turned around and went back home, thank you for turning me away from drugs,
asked by eramaker

Wow, really? That is probably one of the coolest dang things I've ever had happen with a fan, I'm really happy you changed your mind dude.

I realize you've stated that you do not like the typical deathmatch experience, however, have you tried playing Xonotic? It might change your mind about deathmatch games. :) It's a fork of Nexuiz, and it's what Nexuiz should have been IMHO.
Xonotic? Never heard of it actually. Checking video I see it's very old school style looking. Probably still not my cup of tea

What console games will you be streaming/playing?
If I'm able to sort things out with my capture card and get another TV then the list could be endless, the top games I can think of are halo games, uncharted, Yakuza, Demons Souls. Many more escaping my brain at the moment

Hi, i was woundering... why dont u play left 4 dead anymore? thx.
Pretty much answered that, one of the bigger reasons is I don't have a group of friends to play with anymore and another is that I've played the game for hundreds of hours and can say that I've played pretty much all there is to play with the game

apple pie ?
LOOOOVE apple pie

Have you ever tried archery or thought about it? Also, how was your Easter?
I've never really thought about archery honestly, I def wouldn't mind trying it out. My Easter went like all holidays here, same thing I do every day pretty much, play games, watch mythbusters, edit videos.

Do you like animals and if so, what is your favorite? I like tigers myself :D
I really adore love birds, I want one some day, I love dogs too, I couldn't really say a favorite.

Which one was the worst? The Robots or the See-Saw? -Razgreiz
Rhythm heaven question eh? The freakin seesaw one was the worst, I couldn't get it down. I need to get a different version of the emulator so I can play more of that game, I really like it.

have you ever had mac and cheese combined with a burger using the mac and cheese as the cheese on the burger
I.. no, never have, interesting idea.

I've seen some action figures in some of your "blog" videos before. Do have any special stories about one or another? Or a favorite?
My DBZ figures I assume you mean, I love the dragonball ones the most, the original series, I just have a humongous soft spot for that show.

Wat game were you playing last Stream??? It looked like it Sucked hard!! -Razgreiz
Dunno what you're talkin bout, I steamed plenty tonight and none sucked hard, they're all great games.. unless you meant BF3 LOLOL

Ever thought about trying out Just Cause 2? It's a blast!
I have streamed myself playing that actually, I still have it installed with some lovely mods, I should play it more, the nuke explosion mod is particularly fun

I'm thinking of starting up a Kilplix tribute site. Filled with some of your best moments and Fails ever recorded. Do you approve??? -Razgreiz
I don't really approve or disapprove of something like that honestly, go for it.

Why does your stream suck?
Because you think it does, duh, thankfully you're one of the few who thinks so.

If you ever want to own noobs on MW3 for 360, look me up. My gamer tag is SeismicRazgreiz. I wont let you down.
not really a question... But I don't get FPS games on consoles unless they're console exclusives, controls are too crap

How often do you work out? And what is your routine?
I've switched to working out daily recently. I do 2 sets of pectoral weight lifting, 50 pounds 30 reps each set. Then I do THIS ab exercise then I do 2 sets of bicep lifts, 30 each set with the same 50 pounds. Then I do 50 pushups and switch immediately on my back and work the triceps with the same 50 pounds, 2 sets, 20 each.

what do you think the odds of someone becomming famous on youtube?
I think it's pretty random honestly but having good content doesn't hurt.

You used to have shorter hair, what made you grow it out? ....and put it in a pony tail?
I pretty much hate my hair, having it like this is the most tolerable look for me at the moment.

If you're feeling lonely why not meet up with Jonna, or are you two too far apart in Florida?
I'd like to but life is complicated and she has her own life, we've hung out a few times though.

Compare you life now, after you've moved from your parent's place to before you moved. How do you like your new home? Do you miss your parent's home/your old home? How much more different is it living on your own? etc.
I like my apartment a lot, roomy and nice, I answered earlier that yes I miss my family back home but it doesn't eat away at me. The only big difference of living on my own is not having people to interact with, that and having my OWN BATHROOM <3<3<3

I know that it may seem a little too personal but, what happened in your life that you are afraid to open up to people?
It's mostly to protect myself from getting hurt again, as everyone has plainly seen I've lost a lot in the past year in terms of relationships and it's left me pretty beaten up inside.

Holy crap you answered a lot of my question is: Did you play Portal 2 single player?
I haven't actually, I started it but got bored.. like I said before I don't care for puzzle games so I guess that's why I didn't really bother with it, though I honestly wouldn't mind playing it, I'd probably be too embarrassed to stream it because of how stupid I'd appear

So I heard you like creative/sandbox games. Have you ever heard of Blockland?
I haven't, a quick google search and it looks like minecraft pretty much

Do you just not upload all of your livestream footage or does it have to do with the livestream itself? Oh and is there a way I can watch your livestreams from the past that vanished?
Livestream has a limit unfortunately, as I stream more and more the past streams get deleted to make room for the recent ones in the archives, I could pay for a premium membership on livestream but it is literally around 1500 a month, the most ridiculous price i've ever seen in my life.

Did you ever play any Sonic games? If so, is Sonic Generations a nostalgia rush? (It was for me.)
I never owned a genesis so I never sat down seriously and played them, I only recently finally played through 1 and 2 with Jonna a few years ago, still haven't played through all of 3

Is it okay for me to refer to you as Austin? Or do you prefer to be called Kilplix by fans?
In complete honesty I don't mind either, both are completely acceptable to me.

If you had to live anywhere else in the world apart from Florida, where would you live?
I'd love to try living in Japan for a bit, would be an awesome experience I'd imagine.

Do you have a N64 Emulator? If so do you think you could stream Donkey Kong 64? I love that game. But really it's up to you. Have you played the N64 Donkey Kong?
I streamed me playing Doom 64 a few months ago, yes I have an N64 emulator, honestly DK64 is too dang long and too "collecty" for my tastes, they went overboard with it. I wouldn't mind streaming Banjo kazooie though!

This may or may not have been answered, but would you ever consider playing Tribes Ascend (open beta)? I wasn't sure if you're into that kind of gameplay.
I really haven't had any desire to play it to be honest, from the vids I've seen it looks too hardcore for me, too many L33Ts in there to be any fun.

Do you like Anime? If so what have you seen? And Sub or Dub?
Look at my facebook profile to see all of my favs, and I prefer subs 90 percent of the time.

I personally love CoD: Black ops. I assume you already made your mind up about it. and that it would not be worth playing it just for the Zombie mode. Thoughts?
I got bored with black ops campaign but never tried the zombie mode, I don't even own the game.

Do you know spanish?
SI SENOR nah jk, no.

Are u in a relationship tight now??
Am I in relationship tights now? what the heck are those?! (No, I'm not in a relationship)

Have you ever liked/played a sport?
I was on a baseball team when I was a wee lad, we won every single game we played except for the final championship. And I love dodgeball!!

do you think toonami is really going to come back?
It just might from what I've seen.

Ever been a fan of the Final Fantasy series?
Of course, my favs are FF5, 6, 7 and 9, 9 being my number one fav.

asked by SillyJonna

CUZ. Seriously though I saw Tate doing it and then Cap and then you, so I copied everyone =P

What would your favorite game developer be?
Nintendo, mostly because of the nostalgia factor involved with them.

Kilplix have you ever heard of dead space? Cause if you have you really should make a LP for it. You would get alot of rushes. I should know lol
I streamed me playing DS2 years ago.

Me and my friends are going to start recording games we play, any tips for us newbies?
Just play normally like you usually would, the best moments are those that just happen.

Have you ever gotten to make some friends down in Florida?
The only friend I've made is a fellow named Noah, he's a mutual friend of Jonna's, we've hung out a few times.

How did you start playing games?
With my hands

someone probably already asked but will you be playing fear 3 or have you already played it in your livestream?
asked by Elitepredat0r

I don't really plan on playing it because it looks very very average.

How did you come up with your name, Kilplix(ism)?
There's a superman villain named Mister Mxyzptlk and I could never remember how to say the name so I'd make up random crap and kilplixism was one of them, I liked the name and that's that.

What do you love? :)
A lot, too much in fact =P

Are there Any Cons Like San Diego Comic Con you would like to go to or have gone to? OmegaKing31
I'd love to go to cons but I hate going solo so I've missed out on some

How many pages is the story you've been working on, and what are your weaknesses as a writer? :) ~SW
I honestly couldn't say how many pages because I'm all over the place and have a billion different text documents for different segments, moments or sagas in it. My biggest weakness is not being able to properly describe a setting, landscape and scenery. Also not being able to get myself to sit down and type the dang thing.


  1. Have you looked at Dragon's Dogma at all? I think it looks incredible so far, and it's release isn't too far away, plus it's the only way to play the RE6 demo. If you ever get Dragon's Dogma I'd love to watch you stream it. :D

  2. Just to let you know, Blockland came out LONG before Minecraft. 2005 actually. Don't say it looks like Minecraft because it uses blocks. It resembles LEGO more than Minecraft by a long stretch.