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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Betrayed by Daft Punk again!

I don't know why but youtube is now blocking my Kilplix gets trolled by GTA4 - Betrayed by Daft Punk, it's blocked in 239 countries and is available in 8, wtf is even the point =P

I just find it funny because the obvious reason is because the Daft Punk song is in it and the video is about the song making my game freeze.

So yet again Daft Punk betrays me.. =((

And yet they're still one of my fav bands of all time... sigh unrequited love


  1. u have to love copyright at times like this

  2. Really? That's stupid.
    I'm amazed it worked for me since for my country a lot of stuff is blocked..

  3. you know it's not the artist that blocks the videos, it's the label that holds the copyrights to their music?... so essentially, you should not blame daft punk for your situation