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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Q&A Batch #70


down low, too slow


I don't even go to gamestop, I don't even know how it works so I can't comment on it

I'm not happy about it and am most likely not getting it

Been a fan since it started

I MOSTLY wear cargo shorts


I think 3, my fav X is 4

I'm confuse


BK all da way

I have played it, not my type of game

It looks really interesting

I will stream it fooooor sure

I may get it years down the line when it's actually a reasonable price

I WAAHHH =O I guess the obvious spots =P

I'm not freelance, I work for a company, I have done medical ones for them before

I like long nails, not gross long though, color? red, dark blue I guess

He doesn't eat it, he just crawls into it since it's right next to the chair

Doubt it

L4D, BF, too many to name

why stream at twitch TV? (xsplit is too low quality and I'm not paying for the premium version bleh)

Never heard of it

I played the alpha on metro, so it wasn't mind blowing, it was mind blowing when I played on caspian border though

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