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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Q&A Batch #75

It's a great game


who knows, maybe

I quite love it

I just gave a quick try of it, didn't play through it


I haven't ever cried for real from freak outs

no game companies would want me, I have zero programming experience

I've done similar things, like with the kilplix chatroom that I neglected

I don't play the game regularly anymore

I'm not sure if I remember the question, I don't like grieving and it's selfish and annoying

I might some day

he's 2

Who says I don't?

I really never had any honestly other than my dad and grandpa

hmm, I honestly think I like both equally

probably watch dogs

I don't know what kind of serious business you speak of but my youtube is fine

I'll stream the new version coming out soon

long, cause I like long


I forget sometimes which i've answered and haven't, also sometimes I'm in the mood to answer again with a different variation

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