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Monday, July 23, 2012

Q&A Batch #72

(you just got to love the randomness of the format that this thing pastes as, like just randomly changing the colors of the questions)


I have answered this

That's a tricky one because I don't want people thinking it's my clan or anything, the clan would have to specify in the name that it isn't MY clan, like "kilplix fans clan" or something

Are you a woman?

All i ever do is nostalgia, it can be an amazing thing but it can also depress the crap out of you

sounds interesting

Demons souls, that's it


I don't think I will be, I'm sick of EA selling shiny poop

well to be fair I haven't seen much of it so I can't really say a real opinion

Link to the past, majoras mask, OoT

I don't have a fav, I just like the violence

too many =P it's pretty flattering but I just wish people knew I can't accept every friend request I get, it's just not possible to talk to everyone

it could be if done right, hasn't ever been done right =/

I'm not up to date with it so I don't know

I have never heard of it

I'm really looking forward to it yeah, I hope mario is in it at least, I'll be annoyed if they throw in a portal reference though, sick of those

I saw him, dunno why I didn't mention him, thought I did

yeah it's cool

meleeing it is easier and conserves ammo, I was just getting ripped off by getting hurt when it was in slow mo stasis mode

don't even care


I'm not a real spongebob fan, sorry

I sure can

pretty sure I'm just Kilplix in Hidden

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