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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

silly nightmare

I had a hilarious nightmare last night, I just remembered it and burst out laughing at how it was.

In the dream I was being chased by a monster like the entire time, but that wasn't even the nightmare, being killed or chased by monsters are never nightmares to me, just dreams.

The reason it was a nightmare was because before I got chased by the monster my mom told me she completely told off someone I love very much, she said they argued and my mom just owned them verbally.

So get this, as I'm being chased by this monster, this person I love calls me on my cell phone. as I'm running away I pull the phone out and answer it.  I tell them that I'm being chased by some hideous monster and am most likely going to die, they had a hard time believing me but I convince them eventually.

I then tell them that my mom told me what had happened between them and I apologize a lot and say how sorry I am that it happened, I was completely mortified that there was that kind of dislike between my mom and this person and that this person would end up hating her and me and walk out of my life.

I don't remember much else of the details but I'm on the phone this whole time just trying to comfort this person and am hoping that things between them and my mom could get better, that this person wouldn't leave forever because of it.

The end of the dream I can remember the image, cartoon like, the monster sitting at a fire all fat and picking his teeth with a bone, he ate me.

The nightmare was that things never got resolved with this person and that they felt terrible because of the argument with my mom, because they were upset and because they'd most likely walk out of my life.

vaguely I recall another dream where something similar happened with the same person but no monsters in it this time, no mom either, just something happening where I'm left trying to fix things so that this person doesn't leave forever, woke up feeling absolutely horrible.

I just find it funny that it was a nightmare with a monster chasing me and that wasn't even the reason it was a nightmare.

Those are always my nightmares, never monsters or death or anything, it's always about people that I love the most neglecting me or hating me or leaving me.

I'd rather have the monsters be my nightmares =/


  1. Awww...I'm sorry...Cheer up, though! It didn't actually happen!

  2. Sigmund Freud would have fun analyzing this dream.

  3. Everyone's got their little fears and etc Austin, but hey, dreams can just be Manifestations of deep thoughts or pain you have experienced or processed.
    This must've happenned to you in some similar-ish situation, or it's just the product of an overimaginative mind (i'm that sorta person (-_-").
    Still, just keep trucking through life dude, everything'lll turn out alright :D (had a sweet little poem but the damn page went away when i backspaced, ah well :P)

  4. Aah yes. I know about those dreams, and they suck. I'd rather have monsters or some sort of thing trying to kill me to be a nightmare. Nightmares tend to be something that make me sad or it's just something very very boring (Kinda like a dream where I played Mario Party and it had no music, the board was just wooden and had no real color, there were no characters, just pieces, and no goal or minigames other than boring card games that would make Solitaire feel like Battlefield).

    Dreams are weird, and don't let them get to you. Nightmares are formed from our deepest fears, mostly losing something we care about the most. I probably would've laughed too haha.

  5. My worst dream had these witches in the icy woods that were dismembering hikers. I was a hiker with a girlfriend I don't actually have and her friend, and they were kidnapped by the witches and then they killed her friend. But then they said they'd kill her quickly if she looked at their true forms, and she agreed. And they were all wrinkled and kind of looked like Hagravens, but then I saved her with some sword I found somewhere...(dreams don't make sense) and then at the end it flashed forward to more hikers in the same woods and then they went to a cabin and saw light under the door. And then it opened and they ran off and then I woke up. Creepiest thing, to me at least, ever.