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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Q&A Batch #62

they knew what was up, they'd lived with me my whole life after all

I have no idea what is required to have a nice MANBUTT so I have no idea

I don't plan on getting it


cause I don't own black ops

I took karate when I was really young, I learned pretty much nothing


He was using an old capture device that only captures old AV cables, I have one too but the quality and res is nearly unplayable

played it plenty, no plans to play it more, looking forward to the new one

The humidity is what gets to me, I go outside for 5 mins and I'm dripping with sweat, sucks

I've never even heard of it!

I haven't played sonic 3 yet lololololol played 1 and 2 with Jonna though. my fav char from what? Sonic is my fav if you mean the sonic games


I honestly don't have a big opinion on it, things are becoming more and more casual though which sucks

no way, that's for youtube

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