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Monday, July 9, 2012


So I went to Disney World yesterday, a friend of mine works there and she got me in for free.

Fun Fact: I didn't spend a single dime, in fact I gained some change from the Rock N Roller Coaster, I think during one of the loop de loops some change fell out of someones pocket ABOVE ME and the change fell on the floor at my feet.

We first started out at Animal Kingdom, I don't remember the specific order what rides we took but I'll share what I can recall. the tree of life was awesome, big ol tree. We went on the Dinosaur ride which was pretty cool, I always love animatronic stuff.  We saw a bird show, Flights of Wonder, I'm a pretty big bird fan so I really enjoyed it. especially when they brought out an American Bald Eagle at the end, simply amazing magnificent birds.

Went on the Expedition Everest coaster, I think that was my fav ride out of the entire day, going backwards in the dark was freaking amazing.

We went on the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition, we sat in the front and the tour guide guy saw my shirt and kept humming mario tunes in between talking in the mic =P we actually chatted with him too when he wasn't talking in the mic, it was funny.

I saw another kid with the same shirt and had to stop him to give him a thumbs up, I also got a lot of compliments on it, I always do with the shirts I wear =P

Went on a silly ride called Primeval Whirl, wasn't bad.

After Animal Kingdom we went to Hollywood Studios, went on the Star Tours ride, it was pretty cool but the Spiderman ride at Universal is better imo, I really liked all the interactive stuff in the line too.

We went on the Tower of Terror, I'm kind of afraid of heights so I was a bit nervous with that one, it was intense, my gosh complete free falling is like OMMMMGGG.

The Rock N Roller Coaster was a 50 minute wait, it was worth it though, I was completely shocked at the take off at the beginning, like holy crap it just launches you.

Went on the Great Movie Ride, a pleasant little ride with a bunch of animatronics recreating a lot of famous movie scenes.

Ever since I was a kid I'd ALWAYS wanted to go to Disney World for the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground, we did go but it was nothing like I remember seeing as a kid, I imagine they changed it quite a lot since then, it was still cool though.

After Hollywood we went to Magical Kingdom, we didn't go on space mountain because the line was too long, UUGH that was one of the rides I've always wanted to go on, also the Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't working.

Went on the Haunted Mansion ride though, that ride seriously never will get old, I freaking LOVE that ride. Saw the Mickey's PhilharMagic show, a 3D movie type thingy where you can smell the food and feel the air blowing and water spraying and stuff, was very cool.

Went on It's a Small World, I guess that's obligatory =P

Saw a little bit of the Electric Parade, pretty dang awesome.

The Barnstormer, Jungle Cruise was just ridiculous, it was the corniest thing ever and the puns being thrown were endless.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor was pretty silly, I'm glad I never got singled out for anything though, they'd pretty much force some people to be a part of the show by having the camera make them appear up front and crap, it was funny but uugh I'd have been so embarrassed if it did me.

The Peter Pan ride wait is ridiculous, it's like a constant 90 minute wait, we got express passes though so we came back later and got in at a decent time, I was wondering why Elly (the girl that took me) wanted to go to that so bad, turns out her boyfriend was working there so it allll made sense =P

We went on a monorail at one point and also the railroad, lots of traveling and walking.

we started out at 10 and got done at like 11, so it was over a 12 hour day of walking around and stuff, our feet were hurting so bad that we were like groaning in pain at the end with each step, it was totally worth it though.

One thing I'm sad about is that Disney World doesn't have Toon Town, when I went to Disney Land in California as a kid it was probably the best place at the whole park, I love loved Toon Town.

There were TONS of tour groups everywhere, and they were usually all girl ones, and they all wore the same outfits which included short shorts, there were LEGS EVERYWHERE, I was quite entertained the whole day =d

Anyway it was a greaaaat day and I had a blast, Disney World is seriously a great great place.  Thank you for taking me Elly!

Oh yeah, I did record quite a bit of crap with my camera, I don't know how entertaining any of it will be but I'll sort through the footage some time


  1. they don't call it the Happiest Place On Earth for nothing ;D

  2. Sounds pretty good! :D
    looking forward to some footage :)

  3. You're cute. :)

    And that sounds like a load of fun! :D I have always wanted to go to Disney World. :3

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You are so lucky to be able to go at literally any time. I get no such luck up here in Pennsylvania. But I do have Hershey Park, though. Maybe you'd like to go there at some time.