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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Q&A Batch #73

of course

do it with bf3 all the time

I use a computer, I don't understand the question

chicken AND dumplings

it's okay

I have never heard of it

depends honestly, I guess straight is preferred for the most part

I don't care to keep track of all the sonic characters if that's what you mean, I'm aware of all the fail games made though!

No one has spoken up about living in Utah until I moved, why is that?

Lately the games have been less laggy so people actually die when I shoot them, so I've been enjoying it

when they stop


can you use search engines? I love that idea

it's Mario? wtf

I might

game is fail

I- what?

smile pleasantly and let him continue along

only when going back in time

hmm, I think it's on par with the others, my fav is still the 1st one

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