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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Q&A Batch #66

I haven't played it, I know about it though

A big single monster roaming the world

A few =d

Yes because I didn't know what else to say so I just said some random thing on my mind

Whoever is a decent and trustworthy individual


I don't have a huge collection, mostly because I've just been too poor, PC gaming is just so much cheaper than console

I will keep my crashing version as long as I get the keyboard/mouse controls + 64 players


That game is so friggin hard, I might in the future

I don't believe so

All of it

When I actually tried I did

No =P I'd be terrified of flying a plane

I take all advice I get that I view as sound

I will eventually

Dark Blue or Green eyes, Dark hair




I use my mouse and keyboard, however I have the Razor Naga which has a billion side buttons, I use those for pitch and dive so I can press and hold instead of cranking my mouse


I'm not a big fan of them, just spray the crap out of your place with bug spray that lasts months

I might

Too many =p


That is a tough and good question, The ones I worked hard on and got a good response from are my favs I think, like my chargers love Kilplix or Minecraft music video

I was afraid of the clown in The Brave Little Toaster, I'd hide behind my dad when that scene came on, I also had weird fears of turning over in bed and seeing like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast lol

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  1. how come u dont make left 4 dead videos anymore? i really like those videos like (chargers love kilplix and tank chases kilpilx up the stairs) just videos like that make me laugh just wondering how come you dont make anymore? :(