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Friday, July 13, 2012

Q&A Batch #67


Seeing as how I don't play mw2...

I do believe I had the Vampire Hunter D poster there

I've been using just procaster the last few months


He already sparkles


I think they're questions

Not really

Haven't played in ages but still have many vids to upload of it


Probably go since no one would come to mine

I've played quite a bit of the first one, not bad

many many things if it were possible

friends I guess


chainsaw guy

I've been in like 3 serious relationships in my life

I make enough to pay bills, just barely, I think it's determined on views + ad clicks

It's not youtube, it's a partnership with a company called Fullscreen

Don't know yet

put salt on them and eat them

I have no idea honestly, that'd take a lot of consideration

Never played it, no, sounds cool

I've played 1 and 3, I played a little of 4, I now own it on PC so I should play through it now


  1. "I'm an engilish teacher and I want to help you with youre transcription job."


    LOL NO.