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Friday, July 6, 2012

Q&A Batch #63

That may have happened a few times, especially with the 50K sub video oi


The latest one got a lot of bad reviews

It's freaking crazy

I'd love to visit home but I can't afford it

A lot more now that we all live at our own places

I know about it yeah

I need to watch The Last Airbender before I watch that

No one really, just wanted to show cool moments with friends

Yeah I don't know what happened with that

I don't see why it would be


James Rolf probably

Haven't read it yet




I have honestly never given tea a try, I remember when I was young trying some and wanting to puke from it but it may have just been the flavor/type

Glad to hear

It's amazing

They're both good in their own ways

Jackie Chan

No, was meaning to reinstall it

I played it already, I'll get 2 when it's cheaper

why would I need that to play with fans? I already play with them on BF3 and stuff

a large range, just like PC

I don't know about that but it's nice to affect people positively

It doesn't have to be perfect but proper spelling is always appreciated

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