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Monday, July 16, 2012

Someone explain this for the love of piss

So after much grief I finally got a Hidden server up and running, well after announcing it and crap no one could connect to it, no one, tried for an entire hour until I gave up. It turns out my router is not forwarding ports like it should, I use or whatever to check my open ports:
I know I kept saying "I know it works because I hosted a minecraft server" I just tried making a minecraft server and connecting to it, couldn't connect to it... so... did this router just go absolute full retard? I restored factory settings and everything, I'm like at a loss here


  1. Maybe your ISP is now blocking traffic for whatever reason and you may have to forward ports with them?

  2. Open these ports:
    UDP 1200
    UDP 27000 to 27015
    UDP 27020
    TCP 27030
    TCP 27015

    Then, one the left where it says, make sure that is the actual thing you need and that they're all consistent, if your computer is the one connected to the modem and router then it should be .0.0
    Try starting a hidden server, type sv_lan 0 in console
    Then have people connect to your external ip (just type ip in google)

    This is how I set up hidden servers, if it doesn't work then I'm not sure what's going on (post error messages if this doesn't work)

  3. Edit: For where it says, mine is .0.102, and the main computer with the router is .0.100, so try that as well.

  4. man I tried like everything and always says the ports are closed

  5. the port 80 is mostly commonly blocked. You can rent a server ip, or go to and get another port there.

  6. It may or may not be caused by an additional backbone router hop between your connection and the ISP.

    One simple test would be to do a trace route to your ISP's DNS servers, by finding out the DNS ip address your connection uses on your system. Then after finding out that information, open the command prompt and type in: tracert (insert DNS ip address here). This may take a few seconds, to minutes depending on how many hops the trace route takes. Usually in the end it makes it to the ISP's own DNS servers or whatever DNS servers your ISP uses to handle their traffic. The lower number of hops, the better. The more hops it takes to get to that point, the higher chances a backbone router or device may be affecting the visibility of the ports.

    This may not be a solution, but this may shed some light onto your problem.

  7. Figured it out guys, it was 0.2, Gamma gave me the idea to check my local IP with ipconfig and bingo, my local address had changed somehow from 0.1 to 0.2, I played a few hours tonight with some peeps, we had some fun games, look forward to playing some more!

  8. There is a way to make your Local IP stay the same. It also may have changed when you reconnected to your router.

    Go to Network and Sharing Center. Click on what's in "Connections", Properties, and IPv4 Properties. (You'll need to use ipconfig for these steps.) Check "Use the Following IP Address". Fill in the IP address that you use for servers--it will stay constant when you connect to that router, fill in subnetmask (might autofill), and default gateway. As for "Preferred DNS server", also type in what you put for default gateway. Alternative can be left blank.

    It worked for me when I made a Terraria server (First server I ever made actualy.) Had to do it since I turn my laptop off and my IP would change to something else.

    Let me know if there's something I wasn't very clear on... I'm not good at explaining these types of things. Hope it works so it doesn't change again!

  9. Lol, I got to The Hidden Source website (To re-download my Hidden game) and it says: 393,041 (159 today)

    Man Austin, you have a lot of fans that want to play with you :)

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