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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Q&A Batch #74


nahh that'd be too boring

I really like Chrono Chross as well but it doesn't compare to CT (only with the soundtrack are they on par)

I might actually, the game is still great fun

Yeah I heard, wouldn't be surprised if they do

not as much as I used to

then I'd say you suck for creating such stinky memes

I've read some of it



I just recently started using DXTORY and I must say that it's superior than FRAPS, very flexible with a million options

It's a local provider called Brighthouse

I'm interested in seeing how it'll be

I have never played

Valve is being typical Valve, nothing new

Not particularly but I still have plenty of footage I've never used

I'm only 5'9 but I have a pretty large frame, broad shoulders etc, plus I work out to fill out the frame, but I'm not really that tall, just average

I did do a pic with my hair down, I didn't know how else to pose though to get the hair

I do watch anime, I couldn't really list a top 5 off the top of my head but many of my favs are listed on my facebook and youtube

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