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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Most frequently asked questions July 2012



  1. i can help you overclock, a good tool is Evga precision-project x

  2. ignore the last comment, i meant EVGA E-Leet tuning utility

  3. You really shouldn't get as pissed off with your fans as you do
    I for one wanted to ask if you had heard of slender for the sheer fact that I was unsure if you had heard of it, and I would enjoy watching you play it
    I'm sure many others suggested it for the same reason, not to annoy you.

    Your reactions in this video and comments and reactions to other questions are sometimes unreasonable. As a supporter since the old days you have alienated me.
    I'm not going to be melodramatic, but I don't really want to follow someone who treats his supporters like trash

    That's my two cents anyway

    1. I don't get the big issue here, I know for a fact I was asked it not to annoy me, the problem is I've answered the question many times on my formspring and my livestream. Also if you've been a fan for so long then I'd think you'd know I'm a bit over exaggerated with my expressions with like everything, nothing personal or insulting to anyone it's just the way I am.

  4. What's the next horror videogame you are going to do? Like Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear.