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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in Florida

Despite having to get up at 2:50 AM the trip back to FL went pretty smooth, flights were all on time, my transfer literally was me getting off the plane and right into the next without a wait.

Sleeping on planes is just impossible for me, it sucks, I can get to the point where I'm JUST about to fall asleep then my head has nowhere to lean and I wake up.

Because of my trip here and them confiscating my liquids I decided to just check my bag for 25 bucks, wouldn't have to worry about carrying it around either.

Well when I finally got to FL I'm paged over the intercom and go to the baggage office place, they tell me my bag missed my flight.. YEP..

So I had to give them my info and right now I'm currently waiting for them to deliver it to my house, let's hope they find me, nearly all my clothes are in there.

After getting home I saw that my house was literally infested with ants, I have no idea wtf but they are EVERYWHERE, all over in Sobi's tank too, with Jonnas help I cleaned his tank out, also sprayed ant killer all over the dang place.

Jonna and I also trimmed Sobi's nails, he was such a good boy about it, I was really surprised! He usually flails and huffs and tries to get away but he calmed down and let us.

Soon after this pic was taken Sobi peed on Jonna.. again.. lul

Special thanks to Jonna for helping me out so much lately with my car issues and airport trips, I just really really appreciate it.

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  1. Yay :D Jonna is really nice !
    Hope you get your stuff back !!