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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Q&A Batch #86

29 June


The first one is an alright movie, the second one was a joke and I refuse to watch any more of them

The only stand up comedian I really watched was Bill Cosby as himself or whatever it's called

I guess I haven't seen any of it

Not sure

custom, I built it

Man I have no idea

Of course I have, 1 and 3 are some of the best games out there

Haven't played it, may get it when it's super cheap


Some day ;)

Nahh but I'm sure he'll get popular

I think it's greedy as piss

Depends on the game of course, both can be great

that sounds so ridiculous =P I wouldn't ever do that

The TV show? the beginning sounds like porn music .... so.. YES!

I.. what?

Sure have

Sweet I guess

I've heard that name but don't know anything about it

Worried about copywright issues mostly

Simply put, my partners have the rights just like Machinima have the rights to

Yeah sure

what if buu married chi chi

You missed, I streamed both 1 and 2 a few months ago

Not sure

owned 1 and I think I played 2 or 3... the games are just aggravating, it doesn't matter what you do in it because it's completely random with who wins in the end

I'm not sure really, maybe freddiew, maybe teamfourstar

real life or game? I don't know really for either, depends on the game and how the guns handle

I am also a transcriptionist and I also earn some through visits and ad clicks from you beautiful people on my blog

I think the good ol Katana would be my fav, either that or Guts sword from Berserk, the Dragon Slayer

long ago

Daft Punk, dunno who mauasdhausfhr5 is

I did?

I'd have to reinstall skyrim and blehh, I'll play it eventually some day

I have like 8 out of 10 of those

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