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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visiting family back home

Just thought I'd make a post about this, I'm going home today and coming back on the 21st, would have been fewer days but it was the cheapest flight I could find.  I'll still be uploading videos and what not, mostly hidden and shorter stuff (Saints Row 3 Funny moments).

If I find myself bored there I may try to stream some stuff but we'll see.

I'll keep you updated with how things are going and what not.

wish me luck on the flight!


  1. chill for a while and come back refreshed Austin. have fun bud

  2. Have fun up there, man. Enjoy yourself and have a safe trip!

  3. Good luck mate, enjoy yourself. :D

  4. Enjoy your stay with your parents austin and good luck with the thing that are going on.Be safe!

  5. Dude, I'm in Orem, we should meet up sometime in the next couple weeks. I'll buy you lunch or something haha.