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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day home #1

My flight was really bluh, first off my first flight was delayed 45 mins so I was all worried that I wouldn't make my transfer at the next airport, thankfully I made it just fine, second flight we loaded onto the plane ANNND the airport got shut down because of weather had to wait for like 40 mins in the plane until the plane could take off.

For some reason both planes smelled like outhouses, was really weird and bleh..

When I got picked up by my mom and bro I was starving, I hadn't eaten in well over 12 hours so I said just go to the nearest Ihop (we have a tradition of going to Ihops after picking up people from airports)

we go to an ihop and it's closed, so we decide to see if the next one's open, we miss the exit because of construction, I just said whatever we'll eat at the next place we see. 

We find a Village Inn and IT'S CLOSED, finally I just said SCREW IT GO TO MCDONALDS so we went there, stuffed my face.

Today me and my bro went to Batman, my first time seeing it. I'm sorry to everyone but I didn't find the movie all that great, it felt like it was trying wayyy too hard. It's still a decent movie though, don't get me wrong, just felt off to me.

We ate at a bistro after the movie and omg it was amazing, great great food, my brother got fried alligator, I tried some, tasted like fish.

Friend came over tonight and we played smash bros all night, was fun.

Tomorrow is my cousins wedding so I'll get to see the whole family and crap, will probably update on that.


  1. Okay I've heard some odd opinions on why people didn't like TDKR (which I loved) but your the first to say it was "trying to hard".

  2. Bad news guys... Kilplix got fired from YouTube. He took off on vacation without giving notice, so they fired him.

  3. TDKR had a lot to live up to after Dark Knight, and the creators really just stuffed it with all the special effects and explosions they could muster, trying to make it at least epic visually. The story was dece, but some of the supporting actors were annoying I found. Better than Batman Begins, not as good as TDK.

  4. Hey, I'm glad you're having a good time so far during your trip. Flights can be a pain in the ass. I remember flying out from Savannah to Phoenix once. Delayed flights, and then that caused us to miss the transfer and get booked on another. Bunch of shit.

    Nice tradition. A tradition with us during travel (driving mostly) is stopping at the Waffle House and grabbing the All-Star special. (Two eggs, grits, bacon, toast, and a waffle)

    Keep us updated!