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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Q&A Batch #78

Maybe! though I really don't like the direction the game is taking

I haven't seen them, don't have cable


I have no idea why it caps everything, fans playing with me are awesome if they're good players like Nate

I figured it out eventually

Why would I want to do that?



Keep it for bills, cause I need money for bills

GTA always does that to me, I need to edit the majoras mask footage first which I'm unsure what style to edit it in, a lot of cutting or leaving in most of it

I'm not sure what my fav is, I love them all so dang much!, maybe Twin Snakes on the GC

I guess to date my move to Florida, I am proud of it yeah

boobs def

Android because I just prefer it I guess

Freddiew and teamfourstar I guess, maybe a few others, oh yeah AVGN

currently the 560TI

I played Hidden tonight with fans, I play with fans often lately

spikes in Megaman

I forgot it was a bad word lolol

become truly happy


yep, never really watched it though

He's fiiiine, I usually take pics of him semi often anyway

how bout em

depends on the mood

I wouldn't really want to be a game dev

well I have it on my HDD, dunno if I'd upload them


  1. Lol at the TF2 question. haha I didn't know Austin (or video games) have been around for a thousand years.

  2. Aww my question didn't appear :( I thought it was a good question too. Maybe it'll be in the next one *hopes*