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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Q&A Batch #91

9 July

If I stop playing them it's usually that I get bored with it so I don't finish them often

Not by choice but I have been for a very long time, I don't want to be

Rumor rumor rumor

Go on rides =P


Oh geez, this is gonna get mushy. beside the obvious kissing and holding hands crap I love having them lay on my chest or be in my lap, I like to play with their hands and rub their heads and backs, kiss their heads and face all over, hug them from behind, have arm around them, pick them up randomly to kiss them, and I like playing with hips for some reason but that's almost getting to the sexual side of things and I was speaking for just the loving affection stuff

There's probably around 7 or 10 or something but only 2 or 3 are in there anymore, I talk to them yeah

Probably Puar.. or Malon.. which we wont speak of since she is not even close to canon

I don't even know who that is

They're sore but I'm fine

No but I've seen my bro play a lot of it, looks really good

Probably Tank top the most, then V neck, tube tops are hot but it looks a bit skanky

a while ago

I have but I watched my bro play most of it, it was really fun

I've played a bit of it, I'm not into it like most crazies

Cause they're corner campers

I think Magic Kingdom

Got along good yeah (I guess this is referring to the disney world visit)


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