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Monday, August 27, 2012

Q&A Batch #89

4th July - 6th July

I don't know if there's any pics out there (recent) of me smiling, I can't fake smiles for pics so it has to be a genuine smile, can't do that on demand




smooth, I haven't had chunky in ages

I really don't think I want to live forever so yeaa

Maybe because of the fact that at the time of the video (which is LAST YEAR) the sword i had was the strongest I found up to that point.

Never seen it, no

I was streaming it while you asked that, how did you not see the blog post if you're asking this question on my blog =P

ew what

Of course I have

I've seen the video yea, it's cool

I honestly couldn't tell you, don't know

operation Condor because I love that character and movie

I don't really know to both questions =P sorry 

pepperoni mushroom olives sausage annnd chickeennn mmm

I don't laugh if I'm nervous =p

dunno, don t watch the show so can't really have an opinion

nearly everyone does, it just magically caps it all when i put it on my blog for some stupid reason

Never, games don't scare me in that way

Doubt it


Yeah for sure

I.. have no idea

Depression can be just a chemical imbalance in the brain, I've had reasons it's triggered through out my life but for the most part it's just an imbalance in my stupid brain

I rarely ever have nightmares, and when I do they aren't the monster chasing you nightmares, it's more realistic stuff like friends or loved ones dying or hating me

Of course not, I keep it clean

Too late, streamed it the other night, I think it's kind of lame personally

I don't think I've had anything that bad before

I dunno, ask his mom

My first job was cleaning streets on mainstreet, next I was a janitor for the post office, after that I worked at a wood mill, then I mowed lawns at the post office, and now it's my online crap

Yes yes yes, started with the very first one on the super NES, my fav is Harvest Moon 64, my second fav is friends of mineral town

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