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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Q&A Batch #84

27-29th June

It looks cool, I may play it some day

Rising looks amazing, I'm sure it'll be good, I love the MGS series

Not sure


He suuuure does

not huge but I quite enjoy a lot

The question is, why NOT sailor mars?

it's cool

I'm not really into much of political stuff

I've never played it, I may some day when it's at a reasonable price

I think 4chan

I'm well aware of the dlc

1. Gogetta isn't canon, 2. Vegetto is (for the most part) a permanent fusion, no 30 min bullcrap.

Only the good kind

I can't even remember it.. ugh.. I'll have to re watch it

We use skype now

I had too many favs, I'm really bad with naming a single fav thing

We haven't played it for like over a year now

Just a demo

Not... at all no

No, I deny all friend requests that aren't people that I actually know, sorry =(

Share my vids and stuff with friends I guess, my blog and stuff

I wish

me too

I've never played it actually

It's linked right on my youtube page in the banner , click the button


I tried the first one out of that series.. whatever it is.. I didn't really acre for it, killing wolfs and snakes to level up was just dumb


  1. Austin can you ask con to play some games with you and record them? And also if you have a PS3 can you add me SkyRockStar1 please! I Love your vids! Keep the screaming up!