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Monday, August 13, 2012

Day home entry #2

Not really much to report on, today I went and saw the Bourne Legacy, it wasn't a bad movie but the original trilogy is better. I just got done watching Arriety, the latest Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki film, I love it! like usual, they never cease to make great films, just a very warm fuzzy movie, the soundtrack is freaking awesome.

I miss Sobi =(!! I didn't think I would but he's been my only companion for a long while so I miss his presence I suppose.

Last night I streamed me and my bro playing Halo anniversary edition, I used my laptops webcam, the quality wasn't TOO horrible honestly, I only had about 40 viewers, I may do it again so keep an eye out for my twitter feed or blog update or facebook or whatever you prefer.

looking forward to watching Mythbusters shark week special tonight, I miss cable just because of the discovery channel, it's like all I ever watched when I lived at home.

I getting a bit stir crazy and been wanting to just start up a game like BF3 or something I miss my PC sniffff


  1. Wait...what did I miss? What happened to Sobi

    1. Don't worry Yuudai, Sobi's not dead, Austin's just back at home for a bit (which is Utah, I think?) He just didn't bring Sobi with him.

    2. (At least, I think Sobi's not dead)