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Friday, August 24, 2012

Q&A Batch #87

1st July - 2nd July



I don't know

custom built

3-4 to noon

I like your 20

Just came to me

not immediately but I will eventually

that's my personal account for friends and family, yeah


Many many many

She can

I think I answered this before but no, I didn't graduate

I have plenty of ads on my blog already =o, library below the video

water, milk,sobe

wtf that's pretty unique yeah.. I held and still hold N64 controllers differently, both hands on the outside



It's pretty decent, watched it a few months ago

I.. just.. did what you're supposed to do to get it to work?

why do you use your shield on skyrim?

It's okay I guess

Not particularly

I love getting scared in games

Already done that, they're too expensive


I can green

Never played, will when it comes out on PC


  1. I remember when the N64 came out, I was puzzled on how to use the N64 controller. Since I was used to using the NES controller, I placed my left hand where the control pad was, my right hand where the buttons were, and my chin on the control stick. I look like an idiot playing Super Mario 64 :,D

  2. I use the N64 controller the same way. It feels weird using it the "normal" way.