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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Q&A Batch #90

6 July - 9 July


I'm kind of tired of those, just like AMVs

I've played a few games people have gotten me, I've found some of the greatest gems by renting games i've never heard of

Never played, I know of it

None yet


I dunno when we'll play it again, I regret buying the game

If it was the right girl for me, yes

Me cell phone

Hot n humid

Can't carry groceries with that


Cause I used it for like 3 years straight

I might be wrong with this but I think it's Saving Private Ryan

I dunno lolol

I don't watch em

3.4 is my version

I liked the Gamecube one a lot too but didn't get as much into as my other favs

I never liked Pupori in any of them, I usually Marry Karen in like all of them, sometime's Anna, I married Maria once too.. I don't know about streaming it, kind of boring to watch I'd imagine

I've seen tons of them, they're great




I'm pretty sure I can since I've beaten it twice

I probably will since 3 is my fav DBZ game ever made (UPDATE: I may not actually because there's nothing new added to it other than it being HD, which I can already do on an emulator)

I'm not even aware of all of the story of the elder scrolls so I have no idea

I wouldn't have a girlfriend/wife if they were shallow like that, if they told me they'd prefer my hair shorter that's fine, but asking me to do it to make them happy? nope

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