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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nerduhpuhloozuh Day 1

I had a great time at Nerdapalooza yesterday, some great bands like Arm Cannon and Bit Brigade were the highlights, loved loved them.

I bumped into Jonna and we hung out a bit, then afterwards I went to dinner with her and her bf and another friend of theirs.

Unfortunately being the noob that I am in Florida I parked my car in a parking place thinking it was free parking.

It. Was. Not. Free.

My car got towed, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to find my car, I came to the conclusion it either got stolen or towed, I talked to a guy there and they said they didn't tow so I assumed it got stolen, went to a police station which was right nearby and they told me it got towed and to call the tow company.

Thankfully Jonna and her bf gave me a ride home


I just got a hold of the towing company, they have my car thankfully, 100 bucks is the price to get it bleh... I hate money so much.

Nerdapalooza is 50 bucks too so MAN i'm spending a lot of money this weekend, hate hate money but gotta have it.

Good day though, hopefully today will be cool too, I'll be sure to find someone to PAY for my parking

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