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Monday, August 6, 2012

Q&A Batch #80

These are from 21st-23rd of June

I listen mostly to video game music/remixe/covers but I like a huge range of music

like 2

that was fake and fan made, sorry to disappoint

start out with windows movie maker, it's great for first timers to get the hang of things

pretty much I get up, eat breakfast, edit videos, eat lunch, browse the web in boredom, work out, eat dinner, shower, stream games

Why u hatin

I'm unsure what that even is

Oblivion with the mods I had and only with the mods I had

Chrono Trigger

I don't have cable

Considering Drizzt is the main character and Wulfgar is long gone you really don't have much of a choice, but I loved Wulgar and hated hated the direction the author took with him (alcoholic and all that crap) and then just to have him die of old age and just be mentioned in passing is poor. In all I don't like the direction the series is taking much at all

I absolutely love both, LOoooOOove

No let's play but a highlights and funny moments

I actually think I'm going to, it was a very entertaining play through

good question!

It just happens sometimes, have a lot on my mind

I'm guessing you mean minecraft, haven't played it for a while, haven't looked into mods


I have selective memory and it's not on purpose, I can remember the dumbest crap yet forget important things, I hate it

Firstly, there isn't any who's ahead of who nonsense, secondly, I was offered partnerships with Machinima MANY times over the course of the years which I declined, I am partnered with FULLSCREEN and have been since last year. I even got Tate a partnership with them a few months ago but he decided to go with machinima now.

I've seen neither and don't plan to, so neither!

It's Satan

I like Samurai way more than Ninja

That sounds very nice, never done it though

Buu because he gets to eat a lot

Maybe (did last week)

It's happened a few times

I've done amnesia, I don't know what game really inspires me honestly, I guess Devil May Cry really did for my story because it was the first game to play like that and I loved it

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