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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Q&A Batch #85

29 June

I have never heard of it

I don't know what you're referring to =o

Maybe eventually when it's not overpriced

It's New Vegas, I'm not playing New Vegas =P

Of course!


I loved LOVED Mech Warrior 2

nahh, I'll be burned out by the time I'm done, I'll do New Vegas some day though

Depends, if I'm just goofing around then yes, if I'm playing a game for the first time then no

I dunno

Dunno what you mean, I use my hands, I use a 360 controller, I use my eyes.. I use plenty

I know that the flesh burning mod has been ported to NV, thanks though

Well I never played the Battle network ones either =x

Maybe some day

I've never seen the actual shows, but I can tell you coast to coast is better =P

Find some friends

I highly disagree, I disliked the game a lot (rented it) and never bothered with it because I was expecting a spiritual successor to Jedi Knight Jedi Academy which is the best Star Wars game ever

I believe in Santa Christ


Born into it pretty much



A lot

I don't even know what that is =o (looked into it, I might)

I regret everything (nah jk but I do regret way too much)

o lawd

I care too much, simply put


I probably was a stone, in the next life I'll be a pebble

That is so so hard to say, the show is too great to have a fav scene

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