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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Q&A Batch #82

June 24-27

I do but not as much as other meats

I haven't yet, I may in the future

I've played it a bit in the past but it doesn't grip me enough to keep it installed


I've played it

Is a game


because you have to be in the mood to do so

Because it's a maybe, not a yes, not a no

Relaxing I guess... do I even have vacations?

I played through that game twice, I'm just having fun with it now

I streamed quite a bit of AC 2 but I really got bored with it, 3 looks amazing though

doubt it since I've played it already

I'm not a fan of the new direction

cause radroaches are boring


already did

all I HAVE is free time, I edit and play games

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