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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Q&A Batch #88

July 2nd - 4th July

probably like an hour ago

I'm not sure really, in some ways I'm private but in other ways I have no choice but to be public

I don't know because I uninstalled the game



Asking someone why they use a shield in Skyrim is as legitimate of a question as asking someone why they don't, you play skyrim how you want to play it, that's what it's all about

I haven't played it


I'm going to try to be really picky and keep only the best of the best, so hopefully it's not long


I think this is the earliest pic I have of myself on my computer, I think I'm 19

well that's entirely up to you

I'd like to do it, suggestions of where to meet is welcomed


I don't really have advice, I just play games and record it, I've already shared my thoughts on swearing

No, wanted to try it though

Personal preference my good man

I might

I haven't read it yet but I'd like to

I'd buy a house

It's silly, I watched the first few seasons I think

No but I always was interested in trying them out

I don't think I've done that yet, I answer almost everything except for repeats and dumb ones like "how do you buy minecraft"

I still like the first one the best but I think 3 is just as good as 2 if not a little better, I love the crap out of all of them though

I sure do, haven't seen the new one though

Hey maybe

I sure haven't

calling someone an A hole means you don't like that individual, yet you watch my streams? y u so dum?

I'm not sure really, maybe Halloween and Christmas

I will eventually

that's the overlay for procaster, the streaming program I stream games with, I recorded the game with fraps


I uninstalled the game but I wanted to do the commentary, I may youtube it

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