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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nerdapalooza Day 3, final day

Wasn't able to mention yesterday because I got home at like 4AM but I went to AFO's (an anime convention) pool party with Jonna and some friends, was out swimming for a good 3 hours or more (my gosh I love swimming so much).

Even despite all the car issues I had that day (100 for the towing, 30 for the parking ticket, about 15-20 in parking PLUS GAS, ALSO nerdapalooza was 50 dollars for the three days, so I spent well over 200 dollars the past three days.. ANYWAY DESPITE ALL THAT) it was like one of the best days I've had since living here, pretty awesome.

So today was pretty cool as usual, on my way home from the event I realized something, I felt like.. I felt human.

As odd as that may sound, it's just for the past year or so I never felt like I belonged anywhere, that I was just not up to snuff to live normally like most people.

I'm still pretty different, don't get me wrong, I'm the guy away from the big crowd of people in the back leaning against the wall with his arms folded and staring off into space deep in thought about something or another, never the center of attention, reserved, that's always how I've been, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing, just the strong silent type.

I still managed to socialize, mostly thanks to Jonna, she was able to find me easily the past three days because as I mentioned above I was always in the back away from everyone leaning against a wall.  But she'd keep coming up to hang with me or invite me to go with her to hang with others, I finally met her parents today too, they ended up coming to the event at the end of the day.

Anyway as I was saying it was nice to not feel like I was separate from everything and everyone, like.. I felt I was a part of everything as much as everyone else was, and I haven't felt that in such a very very long time.  Like I actually felt NORMAL because my car got towed too, the normality came mostly because I had people to help me out, something I am NOT used to, I've felt completely alone here since I lived here so it was quite a good feeling.  Also getting my car towed meant I was actually doing something to have that situation occur, I was LIVING like normal people do.

Now that all of this is over with though I think I'm probably going to get really lonely going back to this solitude and nothingness, though I AM visiting my family back home for a week starting Thursday, but when I get back from that I'll sure be lonely.

I just wish there were more events like that to go to or something